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TRUSTING GOD (Pro 3:5-7, Dan 3:1-12)



To trust means to rely, to believe without doubt. You trust God because he can do all things, Allow God to start everything about your life, Believe in him.

Reasons why we trust God:

1. God is conscious-He’s aware of everything you are going through, he is aware of every situation you are going through (Matt 6:8)

2. He is concerned- he’s ready to help you because he cares for you (I Pet 5:7)

3. He is consistent- Whatever he says will surely come to pass, if he says he will bless you he will surely bless you, anything he says he will give you he will give you

4. He is capable- Believe in him he’s capable of helping you in any challenges or difficulties you are facing (Eph 3:20)

Trust will help you to keep the faith; it will help you to speak the truth. In times of challenges, sickness, pains, trial, do you still trust God?

Do you know you have a God that is capable of doing anything? Until you know, it can never work; God is looking for someone who is believes in him and knows what he is capable of.

The three men shedrack, Meshach and Abednego knew what God was capable of that was why they did not bow to the image, they trusted in God and he answered them; all you need to do in any situation or problem you find yourself is to trust in God, believe in him.

God knows everything about you, He knows what you are passing through all he just needs from you is to trust and believe in him.

It is better to start climbing from the bottom and go up than to start from the top and go down.

Apst Rev Mrs Ikuewanbhor

Trust in God, God is still working, He is not through with you, what he started in your life he will finish it.

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