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Apst Rev. (Mrs) L.O Ikuewanbhor.

There are blessings that are attached to Christmas. The birth of Jesus comes with blessings and benefits. It is not just a period to eat and drink or just to make merry but a time and a period to welcome Jesus to home and to receive His blessings.


1. Jesus was born to save us from sin. (Gen 3:4)

We commit sin because the devil puts that thought in our heart and the ability to overcome that sin is the grace we get from Christ’s birth. Adam and Eve were blessed by God and instructed not to eat of the forbidden fruit; they kept to that commandment until the devil deceived Eve to eat of the fruit. She was able to convince her husband to eat the fruit because the devil was already inside her. They hid after eating the forbidden fruit because they were ashamed even when God have not condemned them. They were driven out of God’s presence because of their sin.

The season of Christmas is a season of blessings. Jesus came down to bless us and this is the season to tell someone about Jesus.

2. He came to give us peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

Whatever will not give you peace on Christmas day should be avoided. Any sin that will make you avoid the presence of God or hide from your pastors or people around you should be avoided for Christ’s birth is to bring us peace and not restlessness.

3. He was born to rule over us as king. (Isaiah 9:6)

We are under the kingship of God and not of man. We are not to depend on the earthly president or governor but on the heavenly king.

4. He was born to shepherd us.(psalm 23:1)

He was born to direct and rear us, Jesus has taught us how to move and act because he is our shepherd.

5. He was born into the world to show us his character

He was born in to this world to show us how to behave by showing us his character. Jesus passed through persecution and trials and he showed us how to overcome them

6. He came to suffer and persecution

As a Christian you should always be prepared because there is always persecution and trials.

7. He came to pay for our sins

8. He was born to be a mediator (jerermiah 31:33)

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