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THE BIG QUESTION (Can God Trust You?)

Luke 17:12-29, 1kings 11:1-13,


Apst. Rev (Mrs.) Ikuewanbhor L.O

The blessings God is going to release upon his children this year, is on someone he can trust, if God blesses you today,Will you still be able to serve him? Can God trust you with wealth?

Whatever God gave to you is not because you are too good but because God wants to bless you, in whatever you do don’t allow it to take over your time with God, whatever thing you know will take you from the presence of God this year don’t engage in it.

No matter how big you are in wealth God is still bigger than you, That is why you need to respect God no matter the position you find yourself, In the book of Luke 17:12-29, After Jesus healed the ten lepers only one person came back to give him thanks, if you are blessed with wealth don’t forget the person that blessed you, Always go back to thank him for what he has done.

Whatever blessing God is giving to you this year let it be a blessing not to yourself alone but to your family, in the book of Job God blessed him with wealth and he did not stop serving God even when he faced temptations he was still upright with God.

When you come to church don’t look at anybody, don’t be moved by the offence of man but look unto the one your help cometh from. The reason why most people don’t come to church is because of offenses, you are not in church to serve any man but to serve God.

God trusted Abraham with Isaac even when he was able to sacrifice his only son, God trusted Hannah because she was able to give her all, 1kings 11:1-11, Made us to understand that Solomon love the lord and because of that God made him a king and bless him, God instructed him not to marry from a particular side but Solomon disobeyed him, because of his disobedience God gave him a punishment that took everything from him but left one because of his father David.

What can separate us from the love of God, is it money?

What shall it profit a man if he gains the world and lose his soul, no matter how rich you are you will surely die one day but your soul will not die. God did not promise you poverty on earth, he said I will bless the work of your hands, But the big question is if God blesses you will you still serve him,If he remembers you will you still remember him? THE BIG QUESTION!

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