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(Roman 8:1-8)

There’s no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, So many people are in church but are not yet in Christ.

The flesh is worldliness and the spirit is Godliness.

so many of us are justifying ourselves, so many of us find ourselves in one sin or the other, instead of asking God for forgiveness we justify ourselves.

When you are working in the flesh the thought that comes to your mind is the material things of the world (How to make money, How to build houses and so on), No matter what you are facing on earth, one day it will end but the question is where will you spend your eternity.

The benefit of Christianity is heaven, when you are thinking of heaven, you are thinking of repentance, before you make heaven you must:

1. Know God

2. Believe in God

3. Work in the instruction of God

4. Obey God’s word

We are living in a world where everybody wants to be like each other, because everybody are doing it you want to do it.

Making heaven or hell is on how you live your life, it’s not on your spoken word, The benefits or reward of every devoted Christian is heaven.

Most of us see sin as a normal thing we believe because Christ died for our sin we should continue committing sin and asking for forgiveness of which it’s not supposed to be so.

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