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2 Sam 6:14; 20-23. Phil. 4:6

According to the Bible, God inhabits the praise of his people. Prayer is good but praise is also very important. It is a tool for expressing our gratitude to God because in the real sense, there is no amount of money we have that can actually suffice for the things he has done. As an individual, do you have a reason to thank God and can you thank God enough? What do you have to thank him? If there is one thing about the life of David that made God call him “a man after his own heart” it’s as a result of his attitude of praise, solemn worship and consistent acts of gratitude.

We are to thank God in all aspects of life, thank him for the past, for the present and also for the future. No matter the situation we find ourselves, we are to thank God for the gift of life and to praise him. It is so disheartening to see our youths dance to the tune of the secular music but when it comes to that of worship and praise to God Almighty, they become so reluctant.

However, no matter the condition we find ourselves today, God is using it to prepare us for the next level so we should always thank God in every aspect of our lives.

Reasons why we should praise God

  • God is a merciful God and we should bless and praise Him for that.Psalm 103:2;
  • Praise God for He is the creator of the whole world. Gen 1:1
  • Praise God for His good plans for your life. Jer. 29:11,
  • Praise God for His love for it’s the love of God that keeps us alive and save. 1 John 4:8
  • Praise God for His provisions upon your life. Psalm 28:7
  • Thank God for your family and friends.

Praise and thanksgiving is the only way we can express our thanks to God for His gift of life. For there’s nothing we can give to God that will be enough to thank Him for all He has done for us. Shalom!!!

Praise and thanksgiving is the only way we can express our thanks to God for His gift of life

Apst. Rev. (Mrs.) L.O Ikuewanbhor

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