Divine Intervention in Our Homes

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Divine Intervention in Our Homes

As earlier stated, divine intervention means God stepping into a situation, involving himself to turn things around for the better. There are certain situations in our lives that we cannot do anything about unless God steps into. I pray that God intervenes in wherever we need his intervention in our lives in Jesus name. We need divine intervention in our homes and in all we do. And no matter who we are or how spiritual we are, there is always bound to be trials. No matter what we pass through, God has promised us in Exodus 6:6 that He will deliver us. When we depend on God in everything we do, God will never let us fail. The God we are serving is a miraculous God who created the world and made light to shine in the darkness with just the words of His mouth. There is nothing difficult for God to do for God is a big God.

if we draw near to god he will draw near to us

There are things we are to do for God to intervene

  1. Accept God as your Lord and personal Savior/ go close to Him. We must submit to him because the God you don’t know can’t come and work for you. James 4:8 talks about us drawing near to God; if we draw near to Him, He will be nearer to us but if reverse is the case, there will be chaos, calamity, trouble etc. when you take one, two, three steps with God, He will do same. If you want God to step into your career, business, academics, you must be closer to Him. Note one thing, God has the power to draw us closer yet He is saying, ‘come close to me’
  2. Prayers: It is a pity that some of us are only Christians yet we don’t know how to pray. Some of us as soon as the service is over, we keep our Bibles wherever we please. Prayer is a way we communicate with God. If you are a Christian and you don’t know how to pray, you are like a child in a house with his/her parents who don’t talk to them for one week. You can’t survive it. In Matthew 7:7, God said that we should ask and it shall be given so as Christians we are to ask God for grace to pray and not to grumble. No matter what you pass through as a Christian, do not forget the place of prayer. If you are a Christian and your prayer life is dead, you need to wake it up today. It is through prayer you get what you need. God knows your need yet he says ‘ask’. Acts 12:1-7. God is waiting for that person who will wake up to prayerfully take what belongs to him/her and to destroy every manipulation of the evil ones. And note this, until you rise, things might still remain the way they are.
  3. Obedience to the word of God: Many of us are passing through what we are facing not because God cannot solve it but because we disobeyed Him. Obedience to God will take us to that land flowing with milk and honey. We should obey the voice of God and not doubt what God has said or asked us to do. Sarah doubted what God said about her having a child at her old age but Abraham believed in God and convinced Sarah that there is nothing God cannot do. With this, Sarah conceived and bore a son even in her old age. God is faithful and always does what he says so we should always believe Him and obey his words.
  4. Sacrificial Giving. Gen 22:16-18: Abraham received God’s blessings because he received the angels, accommodated them and was ready to sacrifice his only son to God. It is important to note as a Christian that no matter what we have, it is from God and as such when God asks us to give it out, we should not retain it. For the hand that gives always receive more. We must sow for that seed to die and germinate for it is when it germinates that God will water it and it will then bear fruit. We should not let anyone deceive us into abandoning our parents at their old age in the name of them being a witch for they gave birth to us and nurtured us to become what we are today. We should always take care of our parents.

Apst. Rev. (Mrs.) L.O Ikuewanbhor

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