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Convention day 1

The Path to Uncommon Favour

Path is a direction to a particular place or destination. Uncommon is something that is rare, unusual and does not happen all the time. Favor simply means great kindness. It is also a breakthrough or a great help given to someone. Path to uncommon favour simply means the direction where you receive that great kindness that is not common. 2 Sam 9:1-17, Psalm 102:13.


  1. You must be in covenant relationship with God. You must accept the lord as your Lord and personal savior to be in covenant with God.
  2. Servant hood. (Mark 10:45, Matthew 20:28 )To be great, learn to be a servant as Jesus did. Though He was God, he came to earth as a servant in order to humble Himself. God exalted Him because of this.
  3. Humility: To be great ion life, you have to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God. (1Peter 5:5.)
  4. Steadfastness and Consistency: You must be consistent in all you do.( Ecclesiastics 5, 1 Corinthians 15:8,). To access uncommon favour, you must be consistent and steadfast.
  5. Obedience, patience and faith. Abraham our father in faith shows us the reward of obedience, patience and faith, He was patient with the Lord and believed in the promise God made to him and God fulfilled His promise by giving him a son even in his old age. As Christians, we are to have faith in God, believe in Him and also learn to be patient and wait upon Him and He will definitely hear and favour us.

To be great ion life, you have to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God

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