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Actions carried out repeatedly oftentimes becomes automatic that you don’t even need to think much about it before doing it. It takes a long time for an habit to form and when it becomes a part of you, the becomes difficult to deter. That is why the Bible says keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are issues of life. That is the spiritual aspect but in the physical, the brain controls. That is why often times, you will hear people say ‘it is our pattern; it’s the way we use to do it. They become recalcitrant or repulsive to change. It is because of the brain; finding it difficult to accept that change immediately.

There are some habits though they are not sinful, they’ll harm you. Brethren, we have to examine our lives to know if those things we are used to are sinful or not, whether they are harmful or not and the need to deviate from those habits. Some are good while some are bad spiritually, there are some persons who regularly go late to church, classes, businesses etc. it is a bad habit

Accept that the change or success is not a straight line. Just accept the fact that embarking on the journey to breaking an habit is an arduous task


  1. Find out the reason for a change. Do I have any reason to change this habit? If you find out any reason to change, it will become a driving/propelling force that will put you on the track towards breaking that habit. If you don’t find a need to change that habit, it might turn back to harm you later.
  2. Modify that habit; find an alternative or replacement to that habit. There are some habits that are very difficult for you to stop automatically. Why not look for a substitute or replacement that will help you deviate. For instance, as someone who is addicted to pornographic contents, why don’t you replace it with watching messages, gospel performances etc, or as someone who loves listening to secular music, why don’t you replace it with listening to gospel music. Or as someone who is addicted to going late to church, why don’t you come one hour earlier?
  3. Take a micro step. Take a little step at a time because the habit you form over a very long period of time, you want to stop it automatically; it will not work unless you take it bit by bit. Re-modify yourself to adapt to change. Like it is said ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step’
  4. Accept that the change or success is not a straight line. Just accept the fact that embarking on the journey to breaking an habit is an arduous task. Micah 7:8. Know that it is not easy Proverbs 24:16. Don’t relent in your efforts, all you have to do is to try harder
  5. Confess positively Philippians 4:13. “I can’t” shouldn’t be a language you’ll use in the journey. Always confess positively, say it, mean it, make it a part of your language, say it consistently without relenting. Affirmative words go a long way in making us into a better version of ourselves; the more you continually say it, the more you see yourself go into the right path.
  6. Fear God; when there is the fear of God in you, it will help you know that God is always present and it will lead to abstinence. If you keep telling yourself ‘I know I’ll change one day. Do you know when God will call you? Tomorrow might be too late, why don’t you repent and tell God to help you.
  7. There are some habits that are sponsored by spirits; you need a mightier spirit to overcome that habit. Sometimes, we become puppets or robots in the hands of those spirits; we need to wait on God, fast, Pray amongst many other things and God will help you

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