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We thank you for stopping by our website and allowing us the chance to show you a large picture of how much the members of this congregation enjoy being church together. We are thrilled to be this church active in this community.


We are a congregation with a vibrant worship experience that blends both old and new. Our talented musicians provide an active brass choir, an adult choir, a chime group, and wonderful opportunities for all ages to participate musically.


At Trumpet of Zion we place&high value on congregational care and serving others. We believe in participating in God’s mission in and for the world and focus on programs that provide clean water, food, and shelter for those in need.


The Trumpet of Zion Ministry Int’l Inc a.k.a Altar of Solution was founded on the 7th of July 2000, under the leading of the Holy Spirit with a call from God Almighty by late Rev. Felix Ikuewanbhor and his wife Pst. Mrs. Ikuewanbhor Lovelyn. The name of the ministry was gotten from Joel 2:1 “Blow ye the trumpet of zion and sound an alarm in my holy mountain. Let all the inhabitant of the land tremble for the day of the Lord commeth, for it is nigh”.


The Ministry started in an uncompleted building in sabo, South-Ibie of Etsako West L.G.A of Edo State by late Rev. Felix Ikuewanbhor, and family; after a while a woman oin the race.


In 2002, we moved to an uncompleted building with two other convert. Hence, we were nicknamed “TWO MAN BIBLE CHURCH”. In 2006, the family land was used by the church, and the erection of a temporal wooden structure and later migrated to a new site.  


In 2007, another branch was opened at Ugiekha South -Ibie under a divine order. On July 2007, the heardquarter foundation was laid by the founder (Rev. Felix Ikuewanbhor). The structured continued with the cooperation of the members to the roofing stage before our daddy departed to be with the lord.


After the departure of our beloved daddy, the ministry and the building project continued. The Church received a lot of opposition and persecution. After the erection of the temporal wooden structure, a man from the land led a group of people and destroyed the structure and was later rebuilt. Some people broke in through the window and stole the box speakers, this they did thrice. 


During one of our alnight prayers, a group of rubbers came into the Church, put off the generator, collected all handsets and offeering money. After the departure of our late Daddy, some Church elders teemed up and fought the Church, thereafter, left the Church.


In 2001, by the grace of God and cooperation of the members and ministers, the Church was fully registered with the Cooperation Affairs Commission as: THE TRUMPET OF ZION MINISTRY INT’L INC. (A.K.A Altar of Solution)The ministry has ten pastors, elders, deaconess, Evangelist and many Church workers so far









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